Lunar Sani-Charm Sanitizer including batteries

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The Lunar Sani-Charm automatically cleans, descales and deodorizes urinals and toilets. This process operates 24 hours a day via a programmable dispensing unit.

The cleansing agent used is a cleaner and scale remover for toilets and urinals. This technology is based upon fermentation extracts containing biological acids that remove scale accumulations along with bacterial cultures that eliminate foul odours. The product allows cleaning and lustring of surfaces by removing mineral deposits.

This entirely safe technology replaces the usual powerful corrosive acids, which are harmful to users, most surfaces and the environment.

This new formulation foams, cleans, de-scales and controls odours without damaging porcelain and pipes. The action mode is based on two principal components that are the fermentation extracts and the bacterial cultures. The fermentation extracts have entirely 'passive' mode of action. They do not deteriorate or break the scale, instead they dissolve and trap it. Bacterial cultures are there to provide odour control when it is needed. For example, a urinals u-bend, with stagnant urine residues, is a source of foul odours.


- Tamper resistant

- Versatile programmable settings


- Uses 2 x D size alkaline batteries included.


- Installation kit for urinals or toilet cisterns included


- Digital read out for settings and low battery


- Programmable refill life


- Hidden display to deter unwanted attention.


- Guaranteed for 1 year

Please note cleaning agent not included we supply either Mandarin or Bio-tech (non-fragrance).

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