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Are you flushing money down the drain?

The water manager has been designed to control and reduce by over 70% of the water used in automatic flushing urinal systems. Normally, these will flush up to 4 times per hour, 365 days a year. After a water manager has been installed, the flushing system would only operate when the urinals were being used, thereby saving money and conserving water.

How Does it Work? When a person enters the washroom, the infra-red detector senses body movement which operates a timer and valve controlling the water supply to the cistern. If the toilets are not used, after a preset cycle time, the water supply to the cistern is shut off automatically until a person re-enters the washroom which then starts the cycle again.

How versatile is the water manager? Available in either battery or mains versions, the Magnum water manager is one of the most versatile units on the market, with extensive setting choices. The water manager can be programmed, via internal switches, to suit virtually any installation.

What happens during holidays or closed down periods? If the toilets are not used for 12 hours, then a single hygiene flush takes place.

How much can I save? The example below shows typical savings on a single 9 litre capacity cistern

BEFORE (unmanaged)

If the cistern flushes 4 times per hour, then the amount of water used in one week = 36 (litres/hour) x 168 (hours in 1 week) = 6048 litres per week.

AFTER (managed with a magnum water manager)

The cistern flushes 4 times per hour, but only during the periods of occupancy. Assuming 8 hours use per day for 5 days per week, the managed amount of water used in 1 week = 36 (litres/hour) x 40 (hours of use in 1 week) = 1440 litres per week

A saving of 4,608 litres per week or 76% and this is the saving on just 1 cistern!

This unit has 4 Alkaline batteries, PIR range (up to) 4 metres, 15 mm valve and battery life up to 2 years. Manufacturer's guarantee 1 year.

Each water manager is supplied with a 15mm compression fitting solenoid valve and fixing kit. For multiple installations, a mains detector is capable of running 10 or more valves.

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