The Bactokill odour destroyer and air steriliser works by taking air in at the bottom, passing it over UVC Germicidal lamps (which kills bacteria, viruses etc) then blowing the cleaned air out at the top. There is also a section into which a canister, that contains natural oils, can be placed to freshen the air with fragrance. Natural oils are used so as to ensure there are no chemicals being expelled.


The Bactokill has been designed and developed to destroy airborne bacteria and viruses.

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Bactokill UVC Air Purifier

Product no.: CBAC1S

£495.00 *
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TL60CX 60w UVC/Germicidal lamp

Product no.: TL60CX

£36.00 *

Bactokill - Orchard Pack

Product no.: SGEBOR

£21.00 *

Bactokill - Ocean Pack

Product no.: SGEBOC

£21.00 *

Bactokill - Baby Powder Pack

Product no.: SGEBBP

£21.00 *

Bactokill - Relaxing Pack

Product no.: SGEBBP_0000

£21.00 *
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