Bactokill UVC Air Purifier

Bactokill UVC Air Purifier

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The Bactokill Air Purifier unit has been designed as an air sterilizing/purification system using UVC ultra violet light. It will destroy airborne bacteria, fungi/moulds and viruses.

Function – Air is drawn into the unit via a two-speed tangential fan. The air flow initially passes through a dust filter that helps to protect both the fan assembly and surface of the UVC lamps. The air stream then passes into the first air chamber around a 60w high intensity UVC lamp and then into the second chamber again with the same lamp arrangement. The two chamber system and the baffles within the unit ensure the air is thoroughly mixed and most importantly creates a ‘dwell time’ over the lamps.

The purified air is then forced out of the Bactokill into the room being treated. An optional natural oil fragrance dispenser can be inserted into the Bactokill units which uses the purified air to ‘carry’ a pleasant aroma back into the room.

Construction – the outer case is manufactured from stainless steel but to ensure the unit remains as light as possible, if it is to be used as a portable machine, many of the internal baffles are manufactured from aluminium. The front service guard to lockable and also incorporates a safety interlock.

Testing – Bactokill has been independently tested by Microsearch Laboratories Ltd. It shows that at the lower speed (14 litres/sec) over 99% of all bacteria, yeasts and moulds are destroyed. The higher speed (19 litres/sec) still ensures a ‘kill-rate’ of over 90%.

Servicing – the Bactokill should be serviced at least once annually when the lamps and filter should be replaced.

Typical Applications – Hospitals, Doctor’s waiting room, care homes, open plan offices and certain food production areas where mould growth is a problem.

Dimensions (not including handle or rubber feet) H 454 mm x W 472 mm x D 148 mm.

Room coverage depends on speed setting, number of air changes required and approx 25% of the room's volume is filled with furniture, people etc. For example 2 air changes per hour, high speed 19L of air per second approx room coverage 21'x12'x8'. Kill rate greater than 90%. The lower speed and more air changes will increase kill-rate to approx 99.9%.

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